Keep your relationship private until there’s a ring or a baby – Regina Hall

    Hollywood actress Regina Hall shared that relationships flourish better without the additional pressure from the world to fit into certain expectations. She believes that unions are not permanent until there’s a long-term fixture like a ring or a baby. The 50-year-old soaring actress may be everywhere with movies, but her private life is private personified!


Bad breath is not something most of us want to be worrying about. In a perfect world we would all have perfect breath all the time – with a hint of wintergreen, peppermint or perhaps fresh flowers.We do not live in a perfect world however, and just about everyone has

4 Ways To Avoid Broken-Heart in Relationships

No one gets into a relationship planning to get injured.Nonetheless, it seems like to have a relationship at all, particularly a dating relationship, puts you in danger of being hurt or dismissed by an individual you care about without a doubt.Here are four things to avoid:1. Don’t Get Involved With destructive people.Dating destructive people

What is Valentine’s Day? Why Is it Celebrated?

Valentine's Day is an annual festive season set aside to celebrate romantic love, friendship and admiration.Every year on 14th day of February people across the globe see the significance to celebrate the day by sending messages of Love and Affections to spouses, partners, family and friends.The Month of Love is celebrated in a colourful red,

4 Important Health Benefits of Eating Chocolate On Valentine’s Day

Chocolate is loaded with good nutrition that can help improve your health positively.As Vals Day approaches chocolate is one of the most gifts Love ones would receive.Hence this article reviews the health benefits of eating chocolate:1. It Improve Your Brain Functionality and stimulationChocolate may also improve the function of your