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Young Ghanaian Entrepreneur opens the country’s first non-alcoholic bar

A young Ghanaian entrepreneur has plans for Accra’s first standalone non-alcoholic bar.

John Asogonnde was a former Business Manager for an Entertainment Company consisting of a Record Label and Nightclub in Accra.

In 2019, John wrote a book about his addiction to marijuana which won him an award at the Youth Excellence Awards and a nomination in the 2020 Forty Under 40 Awards.


John holding a copy of his inspirational book “Breaking Up With Mary Jane”



He has toured several schools and communities across the country with free copies of the book which focuses on breaking up with the habit of smoking especially the abuse of marijuana.

In an write up sighted by Insight Trends, John stressed on his influence after quitting smoking and excessive drinking.

“I quit drinking and smoking three years ago”

“But all work and no play, makes John a dull boy. This was quickly evident to me as my social life became almost non-existent. If you knew ‘John Hermit’, he was a party animal frequenting all the plush nightclubs and bars in the city.” He added

Instead of throwing in the party towel, he’s creating a bar where he can put his expertise to work without the presence of alcohol or smoking.

Eden Bar is the name of John’s project, which is set to open in December 2021.

“It’s practically impossible to go anywhere in Accra for a fun night without the dominance of alcohol and smoking. So I arrived at the conclusion that if it’s not out there, I’d create one myself.” he revealed.

It’s worth noting here that there are a few alcohol-free restaurants in Accra.

However, John’s plan for Eden Bar isn’t just the regular fruit juice & soda being served at places like this.

He further stated that, their menu is going to include an extensive collection of non-alcoholic wines to give the same experience of spending a chill night out with a premium glass of wine.

‘Eden Bar’ would also serve fantastic non-alcoholic cocktails, beers and spirits sourced from suppliers all over world.

In the metropolis alone, over-drinking has become very rampant in most entertaining bars, pubs and lounges.

A lot of youth engage in a nightlife filled with alcoholism and drug abuse. And as a problem solver, John wants to curb the situation by offering a place where the young ones can hangout in an ‘alcohol free’ zone.


“We warmly welcome all individuals from all walks of life because we believe everyone deserves to enjoy a night out… No matter your motivation, if you want to keep a clear head and not drink alcohol, we are here for you” John retreated.

John has disclosed in several interviews that, his addiction to drugs and alcohol in the past detracted him from his family and vision.

With his political ambitions at stake, John revealed he wanted to stop wasting his time getting drunk, high and being unproductive.

His ingenuity has led him to harness what Forbes calls one of the biggest trends in bars — drinks without booze, the next big thing.

Eden bar will also serve delicious meals and treat customers to live bands, games, karaoke, movies, comedy and so much more.

John’s idea sparked a huge debate on Twitter with users actively engaged in the discussion of whether or not it was a viable business and the impact it could have.

At least 1,000 users responded to the tweet with the same view all implying that they’ve been waiting for something of such nature for a very long time.

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