Strive Masiyiwa becomes UK’s first black billionaire

London-based Zimbabwean businessman Strive Masiyiwa has hit another record-breaking career milestone, as his £1.087 billion fortune earned him the title of Britain’s first black billionaire on the Sunday Times Rich List, a daily ranking of wealthiest people or families resident in the United Kingdom.Masiyiwa, 60, comes in at No. 159, just

British fashion brand Timbuktu accused of ‘cultural appropriation’ for trademarking ‘Yoruba’

A British clothing retailer has come under fire for trademarking the name of thewest African Yoruba people several years ago, igniting a debate online about whether trademarking names of ethnic groups amounts to cultural appropriation.Timbuktu, an outdoor clothing brand based in northern England, filed to trademark the word "Yoruba" in 2015, records

21 Persons Arrested in Ghana while attending LGBTI rights meeting

Police in Ghana have arrested and detained 21 people who were attending a meeting to dicuss LGBTI rights.The police claim the group were promoting an LGBT+ agenda at an unlawful assembly in the southeastern city of Ho.The group have been remanded without bail in a move activists say breaches human