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Auditor-General Yaw Domelevo Togolese Nationality Saga Trends on Social Media

Ghanaians via web-based media are at a misfortune regarding why Ghana’s Auditor-General Daniel Yaw Domelevo had to take his gathered leave and got back to be welcomed with news he is a Togolese by the Audit Service Board

The Board Chairman of the Audit Service of Ghana demands the one who is resolved to battle join in the framework is a Togolese, as indicated by records from the Social Security and National Insurance Trust(SSNIT) it got hold of.

The director of the board, Prof Edward Dua Agyeman in a letter to Mr Domelevo said that Mr Domelevo expressed in his records that  his clan was Togolese and his old neighborhood was Agbatofe in present-day Togo.

It added that Mr Domelevo had likewise expressed his date of birth as June 1960.

The board clarified that it found that Mr Domelevo changed his date of birth and spot of birth from first June 1960 and Agbatofe individually to first June 1961 and Ada in 1993.

Mr Domelevo clarified that the abnormalities concerning his old neighborhood and date were botches he hence amended and the veracity of the data could be crosschecked with holders of the first data.

In any case, the Audit Board has dismissed his clarifications, saying that they are indefensible and Mr Domelevo is considered resigned.

The Board Chairman has demonstrated that he isn’t because of resume office and the President will be educated about it since he is the designating authority.

Mr Domelevo is because of resume work tomorrow after he had to go on leave a year ago.


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